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jQuery .load() and Internet Explorer

12 september 2012 by admin

A lot has been written on this subject, but recently I ran into this once again. Internet Explorer differs in behavior from all other major browsers.

I was using .load() to populate a div element in my page with remote content, which worked in every browser except IE (7+8 tested).
The content was as follows:

<!-- snip -->
<section id="our-content">
  <section id="grid-1-2">
    <ul class="my-news-list">
       <li>01/05/2012 <a href="">STORING: het ligt op zijn gat</a></li>
       <li>18/04/2012 <a href="">Testgegevens IAM</a></li>
       <li>28/02/2011 <a href="">De website is vernieuwd!</a></li>

Using jQuery, I wanted to select the section with id “our-content” and display this  in a div called “announcements”.

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MacOSX File system attributes

31 januari 2012 by admin

When, like most people, you routinely use only the Finder on your Mac to navigate your files, you will not get much of an idea of what’s underneath.

As a *NIX geek, I was very curious to see how some of Finder’s functionality is translated to the underlying UNIX system. Particularly, I was looking for the way that Finder knows to tell me that an application was downloaded and never run.
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Java regex: unicode matching

15 november 2011 by admin

When using regexes to validate text, for example desired input, it may be necessary to match more than just ASCII characters. This is where Unicode comes in, as I have recently discovered when creating a multi-lingual application.

Unicode arranges all characters into non-overlapping blocks that are named according to language or character types. You can use so-called unicode scripts which match an entire Unicode block by name. In my case, this meant matching the block “Latin-1 Supplement”:
This block contains:

  • 0080  <control> to

Those control characters make up a fairly large part of this block, and are not desirable for my goal, which is to match (European) person names with special characters.

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Building Bacula 5.0.3 client on CentOS 5.5

08 oktober 2011 by admin

My CentOS server was in need of a real backup service instead of my homebrew copyscript. In order to connect it to my existing Bacula environment, I wanted to install the bacula client, only to find out that there are no RPM builds for CentOS.

Time to do some digging and compiling! The steps below assume a machine that has no development environment in place.

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Bacula on Synology NAS

09 augustus 2011 by admin

For my backup system I run Bacula, a great if somewhat complex system.

My tapedrives are limited to about 60G per tape, so I use disk for a backup medium. However my backup server (a virtual machine) has limited disk space. My Synology DS411j NAS has quite a lot of space, so why not use that as a Bacula Storage Daemon?

Enter this story of compiling bacula on Synology DSM. I have a DS411j and my DSM version is 3.1, keep that in mind.

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WordPress Permalinks + Apache Virtual Hosts

08 augustus 2011 by admin

When using WordPress, the permalinks feature is very nice. This utilizes mod_rewrite in Apache to create friendly URLs instead of ugly querystrings.Some people report issues with this feature when using virtual hosts. The steps below will make sure it works. Assumption is that you have a shell open to the server.
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